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LLC "Nomatex" offers to customers a nonwoven needle geotextile (geotextile):

  • Calendered;
  • Do not calendered.

Geotextiles are used for construction and repair of roads and railways; ballasting of gas and oil pipelines; the creation of bridges and tunnels, sports facilities, landfills, industrial waste storage.

Geotextile performs functions: reinforcement, separation, filtration, drainage and load distribution.


The main advantages of geotextile production by LLC "Nomatex":

  • Surface density is from 100 till 800 g / m2.
  • The width is till 5.0 meters.
  • Calendering and dense winding allow for optimal loading for transportation, reduce the cost of cargo handling and storage.
  • High physical and mechanical properties, the certificates of conformity by "Gazprom", OJSC "Russian Railways", "GOST R".
  • The ability to supply large volumes of stable foundations in the short term, as the company has 2 imported high-needled line.
  • Our products are made from our own raw materials, which allows us to offer consumers better prices.
  • Convenient geographical position and presence in 15 km. from the railway station allow the shipment of both road and rail.

The use of geotextiles allows you:

to increase the bearing capacity of the structure;

to make the load on the ground more uniform;

to increase the stability of soft ground;

prevent washout of the individual components;

produce reinforcement;

prevent further cracking and rutting in asphalt (temperature) coatings,

improve performance and reduce the consumption of construction materials.



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