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Nonwoven waterprofing materials

LLC "Nomatex" offers two types of waterproofing materials:

  • nonwoven fabric backed with polyethylene film on one side;
  • two layers of non-woven fabric, fastened inside a polyethylene film.

These materials are used for devices waterproofing layer in the construction of:

  • landfills,
  • storage of industrial wastes,
  • storage of dry products,
  • sewage tanks,
  • architectural and landscape ponds,
  • waterproofing of dams and so on.


Advantages waterproof fabric by LLC "Nomatex":

  • The surface density is from 200 g / m2 or higher.
  • The width is till 4.2 meters, which reduces the complexity of installation and material consumption.
  • Operating temperature is from -60 till +80 C °.
  • Water-resistant material throughout its entire life.
  • High and stable strength characteristics through the production of material on the modern import equipment.
  • Chemical resistance to aggressive media.
  • Convenient assembly - welding, laying overlap.
  • Production of raw material from its own production, which allow us to offer consumers better prices.



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Nonwoven waterprofing materials
Nonwoven waterprofing materials
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